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Friday, December 12, 2008

Create For A Cure

The Beth El Sisterhood in Yardley, PA, recently participated in a special Breast Cancer Hiddur Mitzvah event. We sent them the Hiddur Mitzvah kits free of charge for them to create the special pink glass we will use in the Breast Cancer items we sell. They then also had the option of buying the pieces we made with their glass. It was a great success all around. Here is a picture of Gary and crew with all of the pieces that came out of the project. If you are interested in a similar project contact the Gary Rosenthal Collection at 301-493-5577 or email Gary at garymrosenthal@aol.com.

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Anonymous said...

Gary, I'm thrilled with the success of the mitzvah event at Congregation Beth El. Your informing me about this type of project was a wonderful piece of news and our Sisterhood absolutely loved participating and making the glass inserts. Thank you, again, and Happy Hanukkah. Toby
PS - The pieces look gorgeous!