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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kristolnacht Wall, Woven Copper Sculpture, and Musical Judaica

Lots of updates for you today! first off, here is an exclusive preview of some new work that is set to hopefully go into production in the near future.

First are two brand new, experimental pieces of Judaica that incorporate music into their designs:

Next is a new series of woven copper Judaica. Following up on our extremely popular woven mezuzot, these pieces really showcase the colors of copper.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a bold new project that Gary is spearheading. In remembrance of "The Night of Broken Glass," we hope to create a memorial wall in honor of the millions who lost their lives during the Holocaust. In the same way as the Hiddur Mitzvah Project, people all over the country, and perhaps the world, will design one foot square glass tiles, some with a white border and some with black. These will then be fused solid and put together into one wall, symbolically putting back together the shards of that broken time. The black represents the evil of the past and the white represents the good hope of the future. There is always some good and always some bad as the design shows. The final wall will be displayed for all to see. If you are interested in getting involved with this historic project in any way, please contact us through this blog, email, or a phone call to Gary at 301.493.5577.

Mezuzot to Jewish Cubans

A little while back I wrote about an ongoing project to provide mezuzot to every Jewish home in Cuba. Richard Popkin, head of the project, has recently written an article detailing how he got started and what has been accomplished. He mentions the important role that Gary played in supplying the mezuzot that would be given away as part of the project.

"Stanley Cohen was then instrumental in helping Karol and me to obtain many of the 64 mezuzahs we thus brought with us. Others were created for BBCJRP by artist Gary Rosenthal in a project that Karol and I got involved with two years ago for pre-Bar and Bat Mitzvah children in nearby suburban Maryland. Finally, the key piece to solving the logistical hurdles certain to face us was when a long-time Cuban friend (Alfredo) agreed to do all the driving and to help us address the many challenges with which this unique journey was sure to present us. Do not underestimate Alfredo's talents and need for such savvy in order to get successfully from one end of Cuba to the other."

Download a PDF of the full article, The Roads Less Traveled in Cuba: 2500 Kilometers, 64 Mezuzahs and 7000 Advil

Friday, May 8, 2009

In the News Again

I just came across this article in the Jewish Herald-Voice in Texas. From the article:

"On this occasion, Schepps will be presented with the State of Israel Tree of Life Award and Lt. Oren, together with Asher Yarden, consul general of Israel to the Southwest United States, will present the State of Israel Chai Award, a beautiful sculpture by renowned artist Gary Rosenthal, to the 2009 members of the State of Israel Bonds Honor Societies, who made pace-setting investments in State of Israel Bonds in 2008."

We're happy to be able to be a part in an event like this.