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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Henry Winkler, BBYO, and The Gary Rosenthal Collection

This is actually old news - from 2007 - but it was just brought to my attention and I wanted to share it with you.

BBYO Honors Henry Winkler at Los Angeles Gala

"On October 11, more than 150 BBYO alumni and entertainment industry professionals joined together at BBYO's first annual Los Angeles Gala. The evening included an elegant reception and dinner before the presentation of the Inspiration Award by Garry Marshall to Henry Winkler for his dedication to the Jewish community throughout his more than 30-year career in the entertainment industry."

Here's a picture with "The Fonz" receiving a Gary Rosenthal Collection award from Happy Days creator, Garry Mashall.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camp Airy

A couple of weeks ago Gary traveled to Camp Airy for a special Hiddur Mitzvah Project. This excerpt from the camp newsletter describes this great program.

"...In addition, as part of our camp’s continuing mission to instill Jewish values into the young men and women at Camps Airy and Louise, our campers this year participated in a Mitzvah project by creating mezuzot that will be affixed to the doors of our new bunks. With the help of internationally recognized artist and sculptor Gary Rosenthal (www.collectgaryrosenthal.com), our campers fashioned the beautiful fused glass mosaics that have been transformed into dazzling mezuzot, many of which will be placed on each of our twenty new bunks.

In fact, our campers did such a nice job at making the glass that there was a lot of glass left over after the twenty new mezuzot for the bunks were made. Gary has very generously fashioned many additional pieces of Judaica for Camp Airy that gives us the opportunity to enhance the original mitzvah. These pieces include Shabbat candlesticks, Chanukah menorahs and dreidels, a unique vertical seder plate, mezuzot, and tzedukah boxes.

As you may know, many campers at Camps Airy and Louise are able to have a summer camp experience because of generous donations that are made throughout the year to our “Campership Fund”. We would like to encourage all families who have the means to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Camp Airy Campership Fund. In appreciation of your generous donation, we will be able to recognize your thoughtfulness with a one of kind piece of artwork because the glasswork was “touched by our campers”.

In addition, we would also like to invite you to dedicate one of the bunk mezuzot. A permanent commemorative plaque will be placed alongside each mezuzah in order to recognize your thoughtfulness. Again, all funds go directly into our Campership Fund.

Thank you so much in advance for participating in this worthwhile endeavor. Because of your help, another camper will be able to join the Camp Airy family and enjoy the same positive growing experience that your son has experienced over the past few weeks."

Gary talks with the campers while they put together glass mosaics

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Special Repair

We stand behind our work at the Gary Rosenthal Collection and will repair or replace any broken item. Shoshana Kroll writes to tell us how much she appreciated us repairing her special Yad.

"Dear Mr. Rosenthal:
When I became an adult Bat Mitzvah in 1995, my mother-in-law gave me a beautiful left-handed Rosenthal yad. I was in awe of the fact that, not only did I have my own yad and it was so exquisite, but that it was for a lefty!!! I used it on that special day; it gave me courage and brought me peace. I read with it every time I was blessed with a Torah reading. Then part of the glass broke off and I put it away, vowing to fix it somehow.
When I read from the Torah without my special yad, the experience did not feel as fulfilling; I was definitely missing my yad. It was such a special gift and held so much meaning for me. One day, I mentioned it to my friends, Mike and Sue Shapiro, who own Shapiro Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida and Sautee, Georgia. They offered to take care of it. They sent it back to you and you fixed it for me. This is a belated "Todah rabah." I love it; the blue piece you attached is beautiful. It feels so wonderful to have my yad with me once again as I am reading from Torah. My mother-in-law has since passed on but when my yad is with me, Jule is with me. I actually collect Judaica and have several other pieces of yours in my home. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity with us in such a meaningful way.....Shoshana Kroll."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jewish Gift Place Celebrates Two Years of Selling Judaica

One of our larger online stores, Jewishgiftplace.com is celebrating two years of successful business. You can read all about the site and it's founder, Risa Borsykowsky, in the following press release. We're always glad to hear that stores who sell our work are doing well!

Official press release via PR Web