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Monday, May 16, 2011

Gary Rosenthal's Hiddur Mitzvah Center

I know this blog has been quiet lately, but that doesn't mean we've been doing nothing here.  In addition to the studio gearing up for wedding season - we've created a really cool new shards holder - this past month has also seen the launch of Gary's new Hiddur Mitzvah Center.  The Hiddur Mitzvah Center is the Jewish component that grew out of the Arts Incubator, making use of our gallery and facility with that operation.

Saturday May 7th was a lively arts Havdalah service with Rabbi David Shneyer followed by music, art, and conversation.  The art on the walls provided a great backdrop and those there really enjoyed themselves as Gary and others danced their way around the room.

Sunday May 8th began with an open house class activity.  Parents and students from Am Kolel in Beallsville went through the process of creating a sculpture out of raw material from start to finish, ending with custom piece of their own.  This is an activity that we hope to have regularly scheduled through the Hiddur Mitzvah Center.  If you are interested, give us a call at 301-493-5577 to plan out an activity.

That afternoon was the art gallery opening for group show featuring Katherine Janus Kahn, Ronny Tabeka, and Gary.  The day ended with Mother's Day Alternative Program - "Keep the light alive." Generations creating their own family heirloom Shabbat candlesticks together.

Sunday May 15th We hosted an Artisites Guild for Judaic Art group show.

For lots more photos check out our facebook page and keep an eye out for an article in the next issue of Washington Jewish Week!