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Thursday, August 19, 2010

500 Judaica

For all who are fans of Gary Rosenthal's work, as well as Judaica, check out Lark's newest book in their 500 series - 500 Judaica available now.  In addition to being a really cool book filled with other talented artists, check out pages 57 and 58 37 and 38 to see work from Gary!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Work From NYIGF 2010

The New York International Gift Fair is coming to a close and it seemed to be a very successful event - not just for us, but for all the vendors in general, which is a good sign for the economy!  If you were not able to attend the show or just want another look, the website is now all up to date with all the new work, so check it out!  For retailers, the hi-res photo packet has been fully updated and now includes high quality images of every single current Gary Rosenthal piece in one easy to download file, and for your convenience we also have a current list of all discontinued items on the product home page.  Be sure to drop us a line about what new work you like!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NYIGF Heads Up

Lots of things have been keeping us busy and me away from updating the blog recently.  Namely, the New York International Gift Fair is just days away!  If you are one of our stores, we hope to see you there!  I've just started editing photos of all the new work being taken and should have it all up on the website before the end of the show.  We've got a really cool new spice box to show you, a new series of gifts for lawyers and doctors, the brand new Miracle Dreidel and a mezuzah unlike any we've ever made before (we call it the Charm Mezuzah, look for it at the show!).  All these items and more, including more mezuzot and menorot will be available at the show along with a show exclusive limited edition dreidel with Hanukkah Gelt dish.  Look for photos and product details soon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Hiddur Mitzvah Project and a Special Bat Mitzvah

When Cindy and Greg Goussak, members of Midbar Kodesh Temple of Las Vegas, Nevada, began to plan their daughter Ariel’s bat mitzvah, to make the process especially meaningful they knew they wanted to incorporate a hands-on mitzvah project for her bnai mitzvah class.  The 11 students in the class also happened to include one who is autistic and has been learning how to sign the blessings for the Torah reading and several of the Shabbat morning tefillot. Were he living in Israel, it is unlikely he would be able to prepare for or celebrate his bar mitzvah the way he is doing at Midbar Kodesh unless he had the good fortune to be part of the Masorti Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program for Children with Special Needs. All of which gave Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel, the rabbi at Midbar Kodesh, a great idea.  Rabbi Tecktiel suggested that the bnai mitvah class twin with Masorti’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program for Children with Special Needs, Israel’s only national program to provide Jewish enrichment and a group bnai mitzvah ceremony at a Masorti kehilla for youngsters who would not otherwise have the chance to celebrate this milestone.  The Goussaks, who were helping to fund the project, invited Judaica artist Gary Rosenthal to spend a weekend at Midbar Kodesh as artist-in-residence and to work with the children. Each student made two yads, one for him or herself, the other to donate to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program for Children with Special Needs. These personalized gifts are being finished by the artist and when ready, will be sent to Israel, where they can be used by the special needs children during their bnai mitzvah celebrations.  “The young people at Midbar Kodesh are getting a real lesson in the Jewish values of tikkun olam, tolerance and inclusion, while also making a personal connection to Israel and learning about one of the Masorti movement’s unique contributions to life there,” said Rabbi Tecktiel. “I am very proud of their commitment to this project and especially grateful to the Goussak family for their generous contribution, which has made it possible.”