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Friday, April 1, 2011

Special Passover Items

With Passover coming up, we've dug deep into the back shelves and storage and searched through the designers' shelves.  We've come up with a selection of unique Passover items.  Some are Gary Rosenthal antiques that had been long forgotten, others were never put into production.  Whether they were discontinued to make room for new items or deemed to expensive or unique to put into production, these items are all special.  If you're looking for something really cool for this Passover, you're sure to find something here.  Some of the old items have a few minor imperfections and are sold as is, but you won't find any junk here!  Older Seder Plates that originally had glass cups will be sent with copper cups unless otherwise pictured as we no longer have glass cups.
 There are limited quantities of all these items and most of them are one of a kind, so get what you like before it's gone!

New Matzah Seder Plate

Just in time for Passover, introducing a Seder Plate unlike anything you have ever seen before!  Made entirely out of matzah, not only does it look great, it is made from renewable resources!  Using vegetable based glues and ink, this plate is also completely edible, allowing it to be a fully integrated part of your Passover.  If this new piece is successful - and how could it not be - we plan to develop an entire line of edible Judaica.  Let us know your thoughts!

 Click the image for a large view.